5 gemstones similar to diamond


There are a lot of different gemstones that are used for making jewelries and other materials that are used in many different fields. But, did you notice that there are many gemstones that have similar characteristics or are similar in looks.

For example, moissanites are mostly compared with diamond and are sometimes called as moissanite diamond. Many people even consider moissanites as an alternative choice and are more affordable than diamond.

Red spinels are another example of having a closer similarity with ruby.

Having similar kind of gemstones provides more ways of exploring the quality of the gemstones.

Now, we will be looking at five different gemstones that look somewhat similar to diamond for any kinds of jewelries:

  • Goshenite: This gemstone has already been used when the lab diamonds did not even exist. This gemstone is made up of emeralds and aquamarine. This stone has a great durability and can resist pressure to a minimum extent. So, if you are looking for something to use for a short time period, then this stone is your ideal choice.
  • White topaz: Topaz comes in many different colors, but the white ones have a strong resemblance to the diamond. Although topaz requires a coat of shining and a professional buffing, it is perfect for wearing during any special occasions. It may not provide the exact reflection as the diamonds, but it will surely blow your mind away.
  • Cubic zirconia: This is a synthetic gemstone that is created in labs and is often referred to as a 'fake diamond.' These stones are cheaper than the diamonds and are durable for a very long time. It collects a great deal of dirt while using, but retains its original look by just washing with water.
  • White quartz: Quartz has the similar kind of cuts that is similar to a diamond. Although it has less brilliant look than the diamond, the facets of the stone increases the sparkle of the stone.
  • White zircon: This is the only natural gemstone that shows a perfect imitation to the diamonds. It has a high amount of dispersion, refraction and luster abilities that shows its real properties beautifully.

These are the perfect alternatives for the diamonds, apart from sapphire and the moissanite. Buying any of these will give you an almost authentic diamond-like experience of how it feels when wearing a diamond.

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