Simple ways to elevate your evening outfit


Do you have evening plans coming up and don't know how to go about it and look your best? We totally empathize with you since it can be overwhelming to find the perfect balance between casually-dressed and over-dressed. Guess what? We have some useful tips to help you out, and the best part is that they utilize what you already probably own!


Pearls are feminine and sophisticated, helping every outfit look a little more elegant without much effort. A simple pearl necklace or a set of pretty pearl earrings are your best friend if you want to stick to a simple style but want to look your best.


Pair your lab diamond wedding band with some bands of a similar metal colour or a bracelet made of lab grown diamonds to match. The trick is to avoid overcrowding since too many pieces will take away the attention from each other. Throw on a pair of diamond studs that sparkle when you turn your head and they will surely attract some compliments.


If you have a signature scent, try getting your hands on something similar for dinners or outings like this. This way you have a familiar scent that's not too different and you won't be wondering if it is too intense! However, you have full liberty to explore a little and try something new. Who knows, maybe this will become a personal favourite of yours too!


Scarves are versatile and can be used nearly with any outfit. Square scarves are a fun way to add some patterns or texture to a plain ensemble. Try putting them in your hair as a headband or tie it around your loose bun or ponytail. You can even tie a loose bow on your bag strap to give it a small makeover!


A dinner party dress doesn't have to be monochrome, as a matter of fact, a little well coordinated colour will make your outfit pop even more. Choose coloured gemstone jewelry such as rubies to go with your maroon dress or topaz to enhance your mustard yellow top. Consider adding some vibrant colours with an exceptional manicure.

To conclude, remember to feel your best and wear your adornments with confidence before you head out the door.

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